Equestrian centre

“To explore the Camargue you need eyes and a white horse”

Both experienced & well qualified horse lovers: Myriam & Jerome know how to make you at home and enjoy the Camargue region on horse-back. Depending on your level, outings or excursions are “made to measure”. With Myriam and Jerome all outings will be tailored to your suitability, the most important thing for them is safety and enjoyment!


Trinita Farmhouse not only offers first class accommodation for you but also for your horse and pony! Imagine waking up every morning to the sight of your horse grazing in the paddock outside your holiday rental window. Facilities include grazing paddocks available at most times of year, outdoor sandy arena, shower, secure tack storage and plenty of parking space for horseboxes and trailers. A regional qualified guide can escort and show you this beautiful region. Please feel free to contact us for further information and rates. (Individual Paddock rate with Crau straw of 20 euros / day / horse).


Camargue horses (often called the ‘horses of the sea’) canter, swim, splash, struggle and wrestle their way through absolutely anything. They canter on pavements, gallop across fields, plunge snorting into canals, swim, trot and jump all day. They’ll happily splash through the sea, they’ll go forever across beaches and sand dunes, have no fear of flies and mosquitoes, and are not affected by the heat. Explore and discover the region of Camargue from North to South, from the Vaccares lake to the wild sandy beaches. Discover the wild untouched countryside surrounded by birds such as flamingos, wild bulls and white horses.
In order to fully enjoy quality trails, Our outings are organized in small groups.
If you are a novice or inexperienced rider you are more than welcome to come and get some Camargue riding experience!
Quote on request (A day horse trail with picnic included prices range from 110 euros ppers).


On site pony and horse lessons suitable at any level from age 8.

Pony Club

Children can start junior holiday courses at Trinita from 5 years old. They start with half hour one-to-one sessions to help build their confidence and learn the basics. (Pony lessons : 20 euros / hour or 35 euros for 2 hours).
From 2 years old, parents can rent a pony in the quiet and safe environment of our attractive cozy sand arena – where we make sure everyone is happy, confident and relaxed. (10 euros / 45 minutes).


Particular child and adult lessons either with your own horse or with one of the stables. Choice of either english or Camargue riding (35 euros per hour). Beginner or intensive riding clinics with or without examination. This is a chance to enjoy a tailor-made holiday for you, or a group of your own choice, to work on your own individual programme of training. All our intensive riding clinics are organized in small groups of 5 persons / lesson maximum. Child / Adult holiday courses, examination, tailor-made lessons and outings, please contact Myriam for further details.


We can board your horses either in individual or group paddocks with or without our intervention, we also offer private training sessions for boarded horses and their riders, please feel free to contact us for any further information. (Individual paddock rate basis 350 euros / month).


We have all the necessary equipment and van permits in order to transport your horses. Contact us.